Top Web Designing Trends of The Year

We have already bid adieu to 2014 ad embraced 2015. It is the right time to take a look ahead on what lies in the coming year as far as web designing is concerned. This year will bring in many new things. In the past year the Grid, an AI-driven website builder, received a lot of popularity and is soon going to be launched. Web designers will now emphasize on shadows and animations. Responsive re-sizing of typography techniques will receive lot of importance. Full screen videos will be much in trend. This year will witness least gap between the code and design.

Following are some of the web designing trends that must be considered while designing websites in the current year.

Full-screen Responsive videos – To cater to the changing trend of mobile usage

It is for sure that during the last few years full-screen background videos and pictures have been used for making websites. Big visuals work well in grabbing attention and enhancing web user engagement.

In this year, 2015, web developers and designers will work more on new techniques for deriving responsive resizing of full screen visuals, specifically those having HTML5 video backgrounds. This will be a hot trend as most of the people have now shifted to mobiles and tablets.


Ghost Buttons- Flat design and full screen visuals

These buttons are used mainly due to the increase in use of flat design and full screen visuals on websites. Ghost buttons will continue to be in trend as flat design and full screen visuals are still in demand.

Note: A ghost button is a button which has a completely transparent body and a basic shape form with a thin line border.

Click-to-Scroll – Ending the Infinite scrolling frustration

Recent studies revealed that endless scrolling frustrates the users. Bookmarking sites, blogs and social networks pertain to this. This has led to the emergence of usage of click-to-scroll buttons on websites. Infinite scroll will soon be ending and this fact is depicted by single page websites who have started using this button. In this year, websites will be using infinite scroll interface but, yes, with click-to-scroll buttons!

Responsive typography

During the previous year, a typography-driven website has gained many accolades than that without typography focus. Beautifully arranged letters are rare on a website. Thus, you can use typography to make your website standout.

Companies providing responsive web design services unanimously declare that responsive typography will definitely make a website stand out in the coming year.


The role of animation in web design cannot be underestimated. Animation can aptly replace static visuals and enhance web user engagement in content. Responsive web design services are increasingly making use of developments in CSS3 animations to get more motion on websites.

The Z-axis

The introduction of material design has urged Google to introduce a promising set of UI design principles. Some of these can be utilized by developers working with responsive web services providing companies. One of the most important things Google focuses when it comes to Material Design is the importance of Z-axis and increase of design elements. This results in a design that has beautifully segregated layers along with intuitive design.

These are just limited trends that could be listed here. There will be number of other trends discovered as we go through the year. Implementation of techniques mentioned here will be one of the primary focuses for responsive web design services providers.