7 Tips To Follow Before You Jump On The iPhone App Development

According to App Promo, “Developing iOS app is not like crossing the sea during HIGH tide as many lone developers had a runaway success, while some leading app makers struggle to launch the app onto Apple store.”

It’s vivid that iOS app development is simultaneously challenging as well as a rewarding job if done precisely. 

After witnessing all this, finally, you have set your mind to start developing iOS games or iOS apps, right? Well, it is a good decision that you have made, but the success cannot be guaranteed.

It’s bewildering! So, what to do? The developers need to heed the iOS app development and engineer the app that’s engaging and praised by the users. For this, the developers have to consider 7 things which should not be overlooked during app development.

Become a member of the Apple program

Although joining the Apple programs costs a few bucks, but it’s worth paying. From initial phase of the development to the final release, it’s a big help. One will get the necessary resources and support, access to the beta testing tools, and app analytics for building full-fledged iOS apps. 

 Just practice

For building iOS apps, there is no other way around learning Objective C and Swift. They are an integral part of the various types of iPhone app development. However, there exist more programming languages to learn for iOS app development, but mainly these two languages come handy.  

App idea assessment

Before starting the app development, it is essential to consult the others about your app idea. No matter how unique your app idea is, but if users won’t find it valuable enough, then getting an edge in the market and ROI will remain a fantasy. 

59% of the apps don’t even generate enough revenue and break even on the development costs. So, garner the feedback of others and measure the probability of app idea acceptance at first. 

Adhere to the Apple’s guidelines

It’s universally known that Apple accepts only those apps that are of high-quality and deliver some value to the users. Many developers face rejection while uploading the app onto the Apple store as they don’t pass the Apple’s quality standards. Make sure that you follow all the rules and regulations so that no rejection you have to perceive.

Intuitive UI

Apple is not just strict about the impeccable iOS app coding, while it has strict rules that apply to design elements as well. Additionally, the alluring graphics and excellent layout hook up the users and keep them interested.

Prompt support

Creating a FAQ section or answering the users’ question within seconds is a key to convert them into loyal users or advocate your app.

Don’t set impossible preferences

Thinking of million downloads of the app just after a day of the app launch is a daydream. Keep the realistic expectations so that you will not get disheartened when the app scores hardly 100 downloads in a month. If your app holds such significance, it will become automatically get noticed and become viral, but it takes the time and demand efforts as well.

On the planet, no one like to use the apps that crash or freezes. The high-performance is the part and parcel of the iPhone Application Development. But, there are a few more points that you should consider to make your app widely accepted by the huge audience. The different types of the iOS apps are developed catering users’ interest.

According to the Statista.com, “The most popular Apple app store category is iPhone Game Development.”

This is merely a statistics. What’s your plan to do? Ready to develop the iOS app? If so, go forth and share your iPhone app development experience in the comments below.