How Is Augmented Reality Creating Disruption In Android Game Development?

A few glimpse of Android game development:
  • On Google play store, 90% of the revenue is generated from the downloads and in-app purchases of the game apps.
  • The Android game market would grow by 19% in 2017.
  • Customer acquisition for the popular would surpass $25 and competition gets an edge.
The fact hidden behind the statistics released by the leading research survey or studies vividly states that Android game development is undergoing a major transformation to craft the apps that engage, excites and enthrall the users.

AR - Android Game Development
Here, only the emerging technology can help.

How would be the impact of the technology that has gamified the work process of the businesses, if leveraged for game development? It will create a disruption in the gaming industry. Excited to know about the technology? It is none other than AUGMENTED REALITY AND VIRTUAL REALITY.

Yes, presently Android Game Developers are showing more inclination towards AR Android Game Development as they are offering a one-of-a-kind experience to the users. 

Before digging into the depth how AR is changing the gears of the app development, firstly understand what the AR technology is:

Augmented reality (AR) technology that overlays the 3D content like- images, audio or video over the 2D objects to create immersive experiences. The technology immerses the audience in what they are playing and thrill them in the virtual world with the smart phone. The launch of Pokemon Go packed with GPS, AR and location-specific technology that you may have also played was a great success.

How can the AR game be developed?

The technology has provided augmented reality SDK that allows developers to build the game apps on the top of Android and iOS platform. The SDK enable any type of 3D content to prepare and display when viewed through AR-enabled mobile app camera. The images are turned into traceable data sets and the digital content to trigger when overplayed is added. Later, the digital artists begin the coding.

Leveraging AR, different genres of the game apps can be developed such as racing game, action game, arcade game, sports game, educational game or multiplayer game.

The interactive experience is helping the diverse industry verticals to catch more eyeballs and turn visitors into potential customers. Let’s understand it with the instance of E-commerce.

Online commerce: The E-retailing has turned the table upside down by offering the brick-and-mortar store like experience while sitting at home. The virtual fitting room or the virtual try on solution lets the users virtually see how they look in reality. The technology has really gamified the way businesses work.
  • Similarly, the gaming industry has gone up to the next level with augmented reality. But, there are a few things that Android game developers need to follow.
  • They are: Of course, the AR app development is new to you, so don’t give up at first and keep practicing to resolve the challenges and build the impeccable app.
  • Creating the replica of the game app that already exists in the market is of no worth. To make the app really a great hit, the idea has to be original and offer the experience that no app has offered.
  • Building complex game apps are also less liked by the users, so to make the gameplay addictive, introduce all the elements that match with the current trends.
  • Before the final release, beta testing of the app is all-important so allow the third party to test your app and find the loopholes or the bugs it has. This step enables the flawless release of the full-fledged solution.

In the last five years, a rush towards the augmented reality solution development is observed. The technology is playing a key role to take the Android game development to a higher level and enhance its user base. What are your thoughts upon this? Share your views in the comments below.