Why PHP Framework Is The Top Choice For Website Development

In today’s digitized world adorned with abundant frameworks, platforms and options, developers still count on PHP structure for web development. But why, is the million dollar question.
Even though there has been little advancement in PHP and in its framework, and the fact that there exits only a small proportion of tweaks executed on it as compared to others, it’s still used by many developers and probably is the most preferred platform. The reason why PHP framework remains hot favourite even years after it’s take off is because of the numerous capabilities shown by PHP framework that helps developers to develop customized websites suitable as per client’s needs.

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This article hovers around the question as to why PHP still manages to be developers’ first preference. Let us have a look at some of the best features of PHP development framework

Small Learning Curve

This is perhaps the best part of core PHP  that it has a precisely small learning curve which makes it easy to grasp. So even if a developer is a novice in the field of website development, they can easily understand all the PHP frameworks easily and quickly create a website using PHP development techniques.

Complex conceptualizations- not required!

A problem with other types of framework is that a developer is required to learn complex concepts like Object Oriented Programming and coding procedures only then can they utilize such frameworks to develop websites. But when working with PHP framework, one isn’t required to learn such complicated programming concepts and coding methods. All that is required when working with PHP core is the ability to code in PHP development specific language and they are ready to go.

Double-end Web Development 

Core PHP is the only platform that can be utilized for both front-end and back-end development processes. This provides a developer the advantage to altering a website’s present state simply by changing or altering just a single code. In the case of any other framework, a developer will have to un-code the entire process to find out the relation existing between the frontend and backend for a particular website.

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Browser Compatibility

PHP as a platform is attuned to all kinds of systems, browsers and operating systems. This is one of the biggest advantages core PHP has over other frameworks, as the latter may or may not be compatible with all kinds of browsers. 

This is one the strongest reasons why developers prefer PHP development framework over others.
User-friendly Platform

What is the basic feature required to develop any website? Any website will require a platform that is user-friendly and simple to use, offering a good interface and help in obtaining a good user experience. PHP development framework is user friendly not only from usage viewpoint but also from developmental viewpoint. 

Hence, it’s not a secret anymore as to why PHP framework is hot favourite and preferred majorly amongst developers.