Why To Update Your WordPress Website – 7 Reasons To Decode

WordPress is software for the bloggers all around the world i.e. constantly being updated and improved to its latest version. Here the question arises why does the website need to be updated? We have listed down seven reasons that will convince you that updating the website is crucial for the wordpress development.

In fact, ignoring updates in the wordpress development will put a risk to the website and cause inconvenience while using it. Listed below are seven important reasons why wordpress website should be updated.

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1.Higher level performance:

In today’s race of competition everyone wants their website to give high speed performance and make it easy to use. If you have your website updated to will be equipped with the higher level performance. It will ensure you smooth and superior quality performance every time you visit your website. I can give few examples of how previous updates enhanced the performance of the website.

  • Some of the complex queries on the site were at ease after wordpress 4.1 version.
  • Wordpress 4.2 has superior JS performance for the menus in navigation.

Quality performance is essential when it comes to SEO. Your website will work to the best of its potential after it has been updated.

2.Enhanced Features:

With updating the website you will get access to a range of new improved and enhanced features for your website. This will make your website more durable and versatile. You will be able to perform task which you weren’t able to with the older version. The 3.0 version of wordpress had custom navigation and multi-site installation but with 3.1 version navigation become easier by adding the Admin bar further improving the internal linking.

As updates keep coming up, wordpress website development enhances its features and they become more impressive. The 4.1 version has the feature of inline image editing and quicker plug in updates came up with this version.

3.Increased security:

Wordpress is an open source software. 23% of the websites from the world are powered by wordpress. Being a popular website it is widely targeted by the hackers to use the information and break in the website. The security experts can study the codes and report security bugs and fixes. Every time when the security comes to a stage of vulnerability, the wordpress team starts working on the update that will be helpful in fixing the issues.

4.Ensures Compatibility:

If you update you website properly you can ensure compatibility of the software with plug-in. Installing a brand new plug in while using an older version may not provide you that compatibility and may require you to update it to the latest version. This gives you compatibility with the new plug-in you install. Moreover, you will get latest features with an updated version.

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5.Fixes up Bugs:

Fixing up bugs for your website is very important. An upgraded version will enable you to fix the bugs. Many a times bugs come in through cracks that is why minor updates in wordpress takes place to clean these bugs. The recent update of 4.2.3 was released to fix up around 20 bugs that entered in the release of 4.2 version. 

6.Adaptable to changes:

Many of you may be comfortable with the older versions but an updated version has best features and delivers the best service. It therefore essential to make a shift from older version to new version.

7.Satisfying the needs of the visitors:

For satisfying the needs of your visitors or for generating income updating wordpress website is essential. Using older version will lead to less number of visitors. Less traffic will decline your business performance. Thus updated version will keep your visitors happy.


The above mentioned reasons will give you a clear picture why it is essential to update your wordpress website.