Top PHP Programming Practices Every Developer Must Follow

In earlier days PHP development was limited to its procedures. Its applications had certain elements and these procedures provided a level of re-usability that were called by other applications. oo characteristics can still be introduced by the php development programmer without formulating object oriented language in the codes. If the process is a difficult, then its ability to maintain relation between classes and interfaces makes it less complicated to emerge with codes which are ruled by the oo practice.

Let us glance through top 5 PHP coding habits a PHP programmer should follow:

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1.Tackle errors independently:

The classes must be able to tackle errors independently. Therefore you should package it in such a format that can be understood easily by the caller. Moreover, you should refrain from returning object in the condition of null and invalidity. This is taken care of by just removing few exceptions and confirming arguments so as to prove the invalidity of the supplied disagreements. This practice will help you conserve more time.

2.Keep away from Medusa:

Those who are just beginning to learn the custom php development are always unclear about the importance of interfaces. Moreover the professionals and experts suggests that if you are not using interfaces it would be like peeping in the eyes of Medusa. It is relation to a mythology, where if a person looks into the eyes of a Medusa who is a Greek goddess with snakes, would turn into a stone. It is similar situation with interfaces. If you use them directly it will limit your options.

3.Accepting the feeble links:

It’s good when you group your modules loosely as they permit encapsulating changes. Tackling errors independently and accepting the weakest links will enable you to do your work towards modules that are grouped loosely. If you want to loosely group your classes you must inculcate the characteristic of lowering your dependence towards classes. Making this into a habit will be a fruitful practice. It is great to think of concepts like Separation of concerns if you are trying to build the oo designs as against where programmers part objects from classes, minimizing the grouping.

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4.Being moderate:

Refrain from exposing yourself with your class implementations and functions. Concealing information is termed as a foundational habit and thus it will become more difficult to form other good habits if you have so far been concealing your information. Also termed as encapsulation, revealing public fields can make you lack option when there are changes being made in your implementations. Instead using the oo design or concept to detach the changes and prevent them from spreading.

5.Hold on to the family:

Copy paste operations prove to be one of the big disasters in the oo programming. If it is used without an oo design, it can cause mayhem. Moreover, if you are tempted to make use of the same lines of code from class to another, it will be good if you stop and reconsider the hierarchy of the class that is leveraged to similar functions. Copy pasting codes in many cases is absolutely unnecessary if you are making an effort to build a new design.