4 Excellent iPhone Games for Kids That Are Reinventing the Learning

On this earth planet, learning subjects would never be a fun for the kids. Especially, making the Preschool and Kindergarten kids learn maths, English, and other fundamental skills is extremely taxing. They always seem boring to them.
Thanks to the smartphone!

The mobile game apps have brought the dramatic transformation in making the kids to master the subjects and skills as easy as ABC. Increasingly, the parents prefer the kids to get to the grips on subjects with mobile game applications. Compiling the list of best game apps is really quite a task, but I managed it for the Preschool and Kindergarten kids.

A list of iPhone game apps is prepared that helps your kids from gaining basic skill to the improvement of the IQ level. Take a sneak peek inside at every game app and see what it has to offer:

Preschool & Kindergarten Math Learning Games

Math is the subject that kids are always unwilling to learn. But, the Preschool & Kindergarten Math Learning game makes the dull subject intriguing with puzzles and ramp up the math skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

The math question is asked to the kids in every puzzle that they have to answer and based on the correct answers the rating is given to the kids out of four, which motivates them to play more. With increasing puzzles’ solving speed, the math skills also get brush up.

Kids Fun Learning Game: Smart Kido’z 1 Brain IQ

The kids who are not ready to learn basic math will get prepared to hone the advanced skills. It sounds strange! Isn’t it?

But, now it’s possible with kids fun learning game where beautiful graphics, fantastic animation, and soothing music makes the kids inquisitive to learn sequence making, number tracing, counting, pair making, number comparison and finds the missing number with a  great ease alongside help in brain IQ development.

Preschool Kids Learning Free Game- Smart Kido’z 2

This game is a complete package for your kids from English letter identification to maths counting to the object recognition along with endless entertainment. The Smart Kido’z 2 includes 15 puzzles that parents will choose and let their kids to play to improve the specific skill.

The uniqueness of this gameplay lies in puzzle solving where the kids have to digitally paint the alphabets, shapes, objects, or numbers. Besides, the digital stickers as a reward after passing the levels is the alluring factor which engages the kids and inspires them to play more.

Toddler Kids Puzzles Educational Learning Games - Smart Kido'z 3

Certainly, your kids would go crazy when they start playing the Toddler Kids Puzzles Educational Learning Game that perfectly syncs with the school curriculum and core standards. The game enables your kids to learn fundamentals not just with animation, but with voice narration as well.

It gives a great understanding to your kids in identify and distinguish the objects, addition or subtraction learning, learns spellings and words pronunciation, positions knowledge, and the difference between noun and verbs while playing. It’s something that your kids love to do, then why don’t you make it their favorite.

The closing thought

Making the kids learn in the pretense of gameplay is a new trend that has created a tide in the mobile game development market. Furthermore, the parents are ready to spend dollars, which has made it a lucrative business. The Android game development, iPhone game development, windows game development and more is accelerating.