5 Ways To Make The WordPress Website Theft-Proof

Neither businesses nor users want to use the website that poses the data security at risk. Many times, the businesses having a WordPress website found nagging about its vulnerability to different types of attacks. Well, it’s due to the open nature of the platform wherein the hacker always finds a way to introduce a malware on the website.

How can the chances of hacking the website be reduced to zero or WordPress website security can be ramped up without spending a single penny? It’s quite simple, but the tricks need to be employed and strictly adhered to. Ready to read the smart ways that make the website less appealing to the hacker?

Here is the list of all the tricks that WordPress Development Company should leverage to prevent the hacker put any security hole in the website:
  • Safeguard The Login Details From The Brutal Attacks
The first mistake the users do is keep the password easy to crack and forget to change the user default name, which makes back-end vulnerable. So, the username and password must be kept unique that cannot be easily targeted. Two-factor authentication can also be introduced by keeping a secret question or code following the password.

Also, the easy access to login URL can hamper the website’s security, so it’s good to rename the login URL of the website which cannot be effortlessly tracked.
  •  Secure The Admin Dashboard
Getting access to the admin dashboard is the biggest victory of the hacker that needs to be protected. That’s where protecting WP-admin directory is all-important as it stays at heart of WordPress website, which can be accomplished implementing AskApache Password Protect plugin.

SSL certificate integration is another smart move to safeguard the admin panel. Additionally, any changes made to the website’s file at the back-end must be monitored.
  • Secure The Database With Regular Backup
The database is a repository of all the information that website has. By changing the default table prefix- wp, the database can be made less prone to SQL injection attacks. The database prefix must be tweaked carefully.

Taking the backup of the website offline is another alternative which helps in restoring the website to a working state in no time. There are many plugins like- vault press, backup buddy, blog vault or more that help in this.
  • Get Rid Of Unused Themes And Plugins
The users generally install many images, plugins or themes all together when they are available for free. These are not deleted even though they occupy extra space on the servers, but in reality, they prove to be specious. Due to less or no usage, the people won’t update them. Consequently, the hacks get the golden opportunity to gain access to the website.

Even more, the security breach is rarely noticed as the plugins or themes are unused. It’s better to delete the plugins or themes when they are not used.
  • Always Use Secure Hosting
The selection of the reliable hosting service provider is very crucial as 40% of the websites hacked due to the security hole found on the hosting servers. Don’t go after the free or high discount providing hosting companies without considering the security issue, else the website’s security gets compromised.

Don’t give a backdoor entry to the website to the hackers through less secured hosting server and poor hosting setup. For secured hosting setup, the WP-config.PHP file access can be made difficult by moving it to a higher level than the root directory, the website can be connected to the server through SFTP, directory permissions must be set carefully and directory listing with .htaccess should be disabled.

Final Words

The WordPress websites developed either by novice players or experienced programmers, there always exists a room for improvement, and make certain the websites that are the weakest, are all the time, the first target of the hackers. 

Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, the security tips must be employed so that no hacker can get a chance to break in. It’s universally known security is essential and should not be overlooked! Hire WordPress developers team that can build a WordPress website that’s theft-proof against menacing hacktivists.