In this age of internet, online marketing has proved to be a practical tool, ensuring us to have a winning support for our brands and aiming at increasing sales to gain competitive advantages. SEO and Social media are the two marketing strategies which abide with each other to grab the attention of website visitors, enabling them to increase online visibility, improve brand reputation and enhancing business outputs as well. They can be better called as - ‘two strings of one’s bow’.

As social media relies on quality oriented content with strong brand awareness playing a vital role for SEO and the efforts invested on the same, it results in improvising your social media outreach and thereby also benefits us with the top most search rankings. Successful businesses use both, social media and search engine optimization in addition to those working in organization with their SEO as well as with social media.

No matter, however, the manner of the social media aiding in improving the Google search rankings is doubtful. Moreover, the search marketers are least interested about the details leaving its users confused about their contribution to effective marketing. Thus, in order to get rid of these complications, mentioned below are the effective ways in which social media helps in making SEO efforts more productive.

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Increase Followers & Page Likes: - As compared to the small business with lesser group of non descriptive individuals on Twitter or a Face book page , the likes are in minority as compared to the mega- corporation which has a well maintained social account with million face book likes and thousand Twitter followers in Google search rankings. The reason is not its quantity, but the wit that Google has in finding out the unfair tricks/games played by the proxy followers.

Increase Traffic from External Sources: - Social media helps search rankings as it increases traffic to your content, allowing other sites to link to it because of its various links best suited for your Google search rankings. In order to hit to more links, you ought to have a high quality authoritative content.

Social media acts as an advertising agent where social channels attract your content for other sites to link back to your own site. Hash tags are one of the easiest methods for gaining clarity.

Optimizing Posts for Search: - Besides your web content, Google also takes into consideration the popular social media updates in the top section of its SERP’s (search engine results page)  thereby making sense to modify your social media posts for its distinct clarity for search engine algorithm. The basic requirement is to have a strong anchor for the post which includes a visual image or a chart or a link to an all-inclusive and complete article which can be possible by composing or planning your post around a certain/specific search query, say for example, if you are sharing an article about the types of any job, you can share the post with some specific queries such as –‘are you interested in such and such type of a job , if yes then how about aiming for it or chasing the same?

Interaction Between People and Brands on Social Networks:-  Both, external links and social engagements are corresponding in nature and play a vital role and share equal qualities for increasing  the brand authority. Google and other search engines look for outside influences that can impact the business that approves or certifies your brand/content/ or social sharing. The best portion about it is that it is a continuous process for gaining momentum as whether your face book post is shared by either the least number of people or the maximum number of people is not a matter of concern.

Thus, social media is regarded as more of a brand tool because of its significant SEO advantage linked with it and this can be well understood if marketers work on it as a tightly interwoven strategy.

In short, with the most number of people sharing your content, there are higher chances of win your fan followers.

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