Enhance Gaming Experience with New iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Apple’s App Store is an attractive storehouse for one and all the game-lovers who are desirous and crazy about mobile game development. One might often be disheartened and discouraged by their tiny screens as compared to the latest mobiles with large screens and wonderful displays, leaving us awestruck!, as also with their unbelievable resolutions which makes gaming all the more delightful and pleasurable. With its firm determination and resolution, Apple has declined to increase the iPhone’s real estate since the year 2010 with the rise of 4 inches from 3.5 inches on the iPhone 4. Finally, with an amazing twist it has something very amusing and alluring ahead for its gamers.

With iPhone 6 plus having a flagship-worthy 5.5 inches of Apple’s IPS LCD display, the iPhone 6 on the other hand have a presentable screen size of 4.7 inches. One of the most thrilling news is that the mobile game development is fast progressing with its accurate and precise graphics whereas the small display truly does not justify it. The A-8 chip, the latest iPhone twins highlights Apples processing powerhouse considerably, along with the larger display. With the A7 and packs 2 billion transistors as against a single graphic chip applying 20- nanometer manufacturing process, it is approximately around 13% smaller than the previous one, consequently resulting in more efficiency and is also economical with the least consumption of battery power.

“The additional power” is its most essential characteristic as far as gaming is concerned. As the A8 is 25% more quick and active than the A7, it consequently demands for an extraordinary better performance in graphics by 50%. Furthermore, in order to appreciate the budding new chips, ‘Metal’ optimization in iOS 8 is being introduced by Apple. According to the company, ‘with exceptionally low expense, access to the A7 and A8 GPU, Metal amazingly allows high performance for sophisticated graphics carrying out computational tasks and disqualifies the obstructions that are found in traditional graphics APIs. It is particularly designed to achieve and grab the attention of modern fundamentals, like the multiprocessing and shared memory, further assisting to correlate the creation of GPU commands and also suggests a modernized API, combined graphics, compute shading language as well as Xcode -based tools.’

Prominent graphic engine makers like Epic and Crytek have volunteered for the development of Metal. Apple has also made its contribution to EA and Ubisoft to acquire the basic fundamentals of improvising graphics performance of their devices.

However, mobile game development has always been a main source of generating income for Apple at all times since the introduction of the App store. As compared to the year 2013, there has been a tremendous increase in the profit from games by 70% in the second part of the year 2014 and is still progressing endlessly. According to a survey,’ consumers have, as a matter of fact, spent more on games as compared to the various other apps and as such more than 75% of combined iOS and Google Play consumer app spent on 4Q 2013 have been materialized from mobile game development.’

With the pouring of new and creative titles every day, the modern and latest iPhone gives an effective grip to its gaming customers.

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