Top Tips On T-Shirt Designing

Are you facing difficulty in selling your T-shirts? Have you been able to figure out that why is this so or is there any problem with the material design, etc.? We have come up with some useful tips that will help you become a good t- shirt designer.


The most important thing to start designing a t-shirt is that you have to have a concept. A good and a successful t-shirt designer should have a concept while designing a t-shirt. It is very important to use your creative skills in this. For eg. People love freedom; you can express their feelings through a message on the t- shirt. A design without having a message looks empty and dull. It should be catchy.
Imagine your t-shirt is a canvas and throw your ideas on it. The best will come out. You can also take inspirations from the social media which gives amazing messages.


A stylish t-shirt is always in demand. People prefer trendy and stylish clothes. So the t- shirt designer should keep in mind that the product is stylish yet simple. Too many details may spoil the look of the t-shirt.

Choosing the Proper Market

Another very important task is selecting the proper market where you want to sell your product. Deciding on this factor provides you a clear picture on how you will be designing and what you will be designing. You have to decide whether you will be designing t-shirts for male, female, young, old or unisex. This is because people search by these categories.

Using Abstracts

Abstract designs look attractive on t- shirts. The t-shirt designer should consider making these designs by using fewer colours. If too many colours are used, it may lose its depth.

Appropriate Colours

Colours are said to be the blood of art. It is very important to think upon the colour contrast. It means how certain ink colours will appear against lighter coloured t-shirts. Therefore, proper colour combinations should be used in the designs on the t-shirt. Sometimes colours look more vibrant on the computer, but in real they look different. Using colours and creating their shadows will make the design look real.

Using Funny Elements

Every t-shirt designer has its own choice. People search for t-shirts having funny designs. These t-shirts have sarcasm, but are ironic, thus they are best sold. So making funny designs on the t-shirt can make you a good sell.

Prepare the design

After the design is ready on your computer, you should check for its size, the format whether vector or not. This is because when you print the design it should be clean and visible not pixelated. The quality will be degraded if the design is not clear in the printing.


The most important factor in having sustainability and success is by giving the customers best quality. A good printer gives the best quality print. It is important that the colours on the t-shirt look realistic, as people might overlook the design if it is having a poor printing quality.

Social Websites

Social media is one of the greatest weapons of all times. It brings you lots of clients and connections. It is of great help to a free-lance t- shirt designer as they can sell them by joining online communities.


A person can be a good t-shirt designer if he works upon his product efficiently. The above tips shall be very useful for a t-shirt designer while designing his/her product. These aspects will make your product attractive and you will be able to sell better.

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