Things To Know About Security Testing For Web Apps

Web apps are used to perform major tasks some included to be very crucial related to transaction of funds, money or sharing of personal information. Therefore, when it comes to apps security testing, the main intention behind this is to look for the loopholes that the system may have and to analyze whether the data and resources are protected from hacking threats.

With more and more businesses taking place in the web world with the help of apps, and billions of people using apps for some or the other tasks, security testing plays a pivotal role in all web applications. Because, the hackers are constantly on the verge of inventing the new ways each day for the reason may be financial, recognition or for some fun. Web application development team with less hacking techniques can damage the website if the app is weakly secured. There are numerous reasons that can lead to poor security of apps.

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  • Pressure from the top management who wants the app to go live within short period
  • Big IT companies need to manage giant interconnected networks all the time
  • There may be budget constraints that may decrease the possibility of receiving the security tools

If these reasons fit perfectly, then no doubt, the organization has to face a great loss in different ways – like loss of customer loyalty and confidence, colossal damage to the brand name, expensive remediation cost which can be heavier compared to the post production cost. 

All of the above hurdles can be professionally tackled by following the primary security requirement tests:

Privacy Policy:

Enforce strong security guidelines against the revelation of private information to the third parties other than the intended recipient. 


This process includes confirming the identity of an individual, tracing the originality of the person, ensuring the product’s labeling and packaging as it should be, assuring that a computer program is secured and reliable.


Make sure that the details received through the system is completely true (transmit of information between the two systems is correct).


Make effective arrangement to provide information and communications whenever it is expected.

Confirm that both the receiver and the sender got responses on either side as it is expected to receive (as received and sent, both persons cannot deny their operations and services).


Establish an effective system for the requester to allow them to receive a service or perform operations, and have access control.

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Security Testing Techniques

In order to prevent the above errors arising in security testing, the following testing procedure is mandatory.
  • Cross site scripting need to be checked properly in web application 
  • Find out the third party potential threats on a network
  • Cracking the password
  • Detecting intrusion
  • Audit of security
  • Assessment of risk 
  • Code scanning for detection of security vulnerabilities
  • Technical vulnerability Scanning
  • Network security
  • Fault Code Leaks

The most fundamental procedure that all the security testing engineers follow is the Penetration testing method. This method is highly potent and it is performed to find out whether a hacker can infiltrate into your network or not.

A team of web application development engineers who perform security test need to consider both the app specifications and logic integrated, and innovatively find out the ways in which the hackers may find the ways to damage an application.

Additionally, when a security tester performs the above tests, he should take the precautions to see that the following are not modified:

  • Services already running on the server
  • Client data secured by the application
  • Avoid performing security tests in live sites
  • Configuration of the application or the server

In spite of all the safety measures carried out effectively, we cannot guarantee that our web apps are 100% secured from hacker sites, after all, websites susceptibilities are usual software functionality problems.

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