Mobile App Or The Mobile Web - Which Is Better In Digital Banking?

In this multichannel world, customers are easily moving between devices in the course of one single transaction. Your customers hope for you to support innovations in mobile banking whether it is a retail transaction or a complex one like insurance claim or loan application.

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It can be said that multi-channel is not only a responsive design for catering the needs of both the desktop and mobile but it is also about the various transactions mediums like fax, call centers, etc. For this reason your mobile app development approach should be more than a simple mobile-only approach.

Many of us browse online web applications and websites via mobile browsers. These applications are hosted online and are transaction-oriented. This makes them perfect for one-time or occasional use in digital banking setup. On the other side, mobile apps are convenient and easy to use. However, it’s not essentially a clear-cut and easy decision on how to support innovations in mobile banking: mobile web or the apps. This post will give you points to consider before jumping into mobile app development.

1 – Should I use the mobile web or there is a need for an app?

The main idea is to get to the bottom of the problem related to digital banking and the business function the client/customer is going to execute. Is it required readily available all the time? Consider making an app only if the customers express their interest to use the business function regularly or offline – otherwise prefer the option of using the mobile web. In case of opening a bank account, mobile web will serve the purpose.

2 –Should I configure an existing rather than building a new one?

The first question here comes is to find an existing app that can give you what you require. There is a powerful set of enterprise-class mobile applications such Dropbox, and Box can be customized or used off the shelf.

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3 –What are the benefits of a composite approach?

A composite approach is the one which lets you to store your repeatedly used features for your application and retrieve occasionally used features with the help of a weblink. In case of mobile app development, always give thorough attention to composite approach because this might give you the perfect way to implement and execute the most critical components of your digital banking plan.

4 – What method should I consider to develop my app?

You should build your app using HTML5. In case you have good reason and knowledge to develop an app natively then go for a cross-platform framework. With the help of platform’s native tools, you can perform a specific function. The mobile app development can also be outsourced.

5 –Should there be a shift in some part of accountability from IT to business?

As far as content creation is concerned, you can encourage the business to handle it.  For the marketing-type websites, the fresh and modern approach is that IT maintains and supports web content management system. Also, the business maintains the content which is hosted by that particular system.