How Can Businesses Chalk Up Profits With Responsive Website?

Shopping, communication and information search that eats up a lot of time and appears boring, have now become more interesting and quicker than ever through the internet. The day after another, the new websites or applications are built to serve the unmet needs of the customers. For the businesses, having an online presence has become an integral part of the business to improve accessibility.

But, with technology advancements, the emergence of new devices and their astronomical use, the market is shifting to the mobile world. It doesn’t signify the importance of websites have mitigated, while the prominence of having a mobile optimized website is increased.

Responsive web development

The staggering growth of smart phones and tablets have mandated the businesses to have the responsive website design that allows the users to browse the website across every device seamlessly.

The responsive web design easily gets re-sized the website content, UI elements or layout into any screen size so that when users read, scroll, or navigate the website, they get a similar experience as if the website is built for the specific device only.

The excellent feature of the responsive website design, that’s high adaptability brings a lot of benefits to the businesses. See what are they?  

1) Level up the user experience

Presently, the users don’t like to limit the internet browsing to the devices. Instead, they like to get the information available when they are searching for them on-the-go or glued to their desktop seamlessly. It’s viable with responsive website development wherein the users receive the same experience irrespective of the device they are using. The responsiveness takes the user experience to a whole new level and encourages engagement.  

2) Makes the website scalable

The newly launched devices that intrigue the audience becomes a headache for the businesses if the website is not responsive as they need to build another website for the new screen size. On the other hand, the fluid nature of responsive design alleviates this need as the design scale up or scale down in an automated fashion to best fit the screen size. It’s actually making the business website future-proof.

3) Budget suitability

Engineering multiple websites cost huge dollars to the businesses. Instead, hiring responsive design services, businesses can get built the website that supports desktop and a range of mobile devices, which means spending for one website, the multiple websites can be built. A single URL works for all. It’s a good saving.   

4) Improve SEO ranking

Certainly, the website that gets more clicks, views, and traffic, and upsurges the user experience is rated as the best and positioned on the first page in search engine results. The responsive website has earned the virtue of getting more clicks and visitors as opposed to non-responsive design. The top ranking in the search engines improves the business throughput.

5) Google loves it

A few years back, Google made an important announcement that the websites which are mobile-friendly and support multiple devices will be rewarded by keeping them at the top ranking positions. This way the non-responsive websites will get penalized with low ranking positions. Following the Google recommendation, you can improve the business visibility over the Google with a responsive design.

6) Hassle-free management

Upgrading and managing the multiple websites is a challenging task that increases the workload of the businesses by manifolds. Here, the responsive website is a panacea where business just needs to manage one website and the websites for all devices get managed automatically. The change in the content or addition of any new feature gets easily reflected in all the websites.

7) Not losing mobile users

In the USA, businesses are receiving 60% of the traffic from the mobile, which is constantly growing at a fast pace. The responsive design enables the businesses to allow the mobile users browse the website from the device right in their hand and gain the users’ traction, else the competitors are ready to take hold of them.

Closing thought

The responsive website design has not remained a luxury item, while it has become essential to keep the business visible in the digital world. The high proliferation of mobile devices and boom in the mobile applications together hint the same thing that if businesses don’t want to get left behind, then going responsive is a must have.

Definitely, opting for the design that can adapt is a wise move. What do you think? Do you want to incorporate the responsive design in your website development strategy? Let us know your views in the comments below.