Top 10 Reasons To Favor Laravel For Website Development

Laravel is considered as one of the best PHP framework till date. The state-of-the-art features, plugins, great syntax and modular nature of the open source framework makes it a perfect choice for the web development.

Laravel - Best in Website Development

Presently, the businesses are using the language to build the different types of the websites and the regular updates have made the framework the favorite of the developers. Take a look at the reasons illustrating why laravel has gained so much popularity in the short time.
  • Documentation
The framework has released the best documentation which makes it easier for the programmers to understand the syntax and commands in a simpler way. The splendid and organized documentation includes free and paid videos.
  • Dependency injection
The code is contracted in the classes due to which the implementations are easily swapped without having much impact on the code.
  • Pagination
The pagination of the database is very easy to use and implement because of the integration of the laravel paginator with eloquent ORM. It makes the content layout more organized by splitting the content into several pages.
  • MVC
Laravel supports MVC architecture, which maintains the layer of separation between the business logic and presentation logic. The MVC design pattern becomes one of the reasons to improve the application performance.
  • Security
The SQL statements are used in laravel to avoid injection attacks to the website. Additionally, the salted and hash passwords and Bycrypt algorithm are used by the laravel which makes the application more secure and less prone to threats.
  • Blade Templating Engine
The powerful PHP templating engine won’t restrict the developers using plain PHP code in the views. The blade views are compiled in plain PHP code unless they are modified that’s why it adds zero overhead during the development.
  • Laracasts
Laracasts generally works as a tutorial that contains a lot of free and paid videos which helps in understanding the laravel framework. Every time, when new features are added to the platform, the videos related to that feature get automatically added so that the users can easily comprehend them.
  • Artisan console
It’s the most famous command line in the laravel framework which helps the developers extensively by generating the code and eliminating the redundant tasks. Hire PHP developers that are proficient in using the inbuilt command line.
  • Visceral Syntax
The laravel framework includes the finest syntax and visceral syntax is one of them that delights the users while writing the code for the application. The syntax provides the instructions to the developers to correct the error when it’s occurred. This way the time needed to develop the syntax can be reduced.
  • Application Logic
The applications of varying sizes can be easily created by the developer due to easy integration of application logics, and it’s viable through the use of controller and route declarations.

The world’s leading businesses have developed the website on the top of the laravel framework to create the amazing experience with robust security, high performance, and implacability. The framework outshining in the world due to a long list of features encapsulated in it. Do you also want to enhance the quality services with laravel framework? If so, hand over your project to the Best PHP development company, which aids you to get the website built tailored to business needs.