3 Tactics that ensure Link building Success

Link Building is the process of linking external pages to a page on your website. It is one of the most important aspects of Search Engine Optimization. Link building takes a bit of skill and patience to get it right. It can be really difficult and frustrating, especially for new websites. But once you get it right, it will catapult you ahead of your competition and help you achieve high organic search ranking in the SERPs.

Google states that webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages. Note that here Google refers to ‘sites’ and not ‘links’. The popularity of your blog or website will not just be determined by a number of inbound links, but also the quality of those inbound links. Effective link building is not just increasing a total number of inbound links, but getting genuine links from reliable and authoritative websites. Such links account for high rewards Google Search.

So you still don’t think link building is important enough? Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of link building:
  • Increased visibility of your content in search results.
  • Gain traffic from websites linked to you.
  • High-quality incoming links, i.e., links from authoritative websites will be considered as a valuable resource. This can be achieved with quality content.
  • Link Building helps in getting indexed in search results quicker.
  • Link Building is considered one of the major factors that contribute to SEO success.
A number of tactics have been employed over the years by webmasters to achieve success in link building. Where some have worked, many have failed as well. So let’s look at 3 tactics that I believe nearly guarantees success and help your business get 50 links to start with.

3 Tactics that ensure Link building Success

1) Check for Brand name, domain name, and founders’ names

Start with searching for links that come from your own name, brand name, domain name and the names of founders and executives that run your business. For example, search for “John Doe” or “Potenza.com” in quotes in the Google Search bar. Alternatively, you can also search for “Potenza+Organic+SEO” or “Potenza+SEO+USA” in the Google Search bar to get the required search results. It is vital to use Potenza and SEO together in quotes to get the right results as Potenza represents the brand name and Organic/SEO represents as an identifier or the service they provide. It increases the probability of Potenza being identified as a provider of Organic SEO services or best SEO services in the USA by Google.

Then, manually assess the top 100 results to validate following points:
  • They are linked to the right place, for instance, If John Doe isn’t linked with Potenza, it should be fixed right away. You have to contact the right person to fix that.
  • Check whether you can control the anchor text and if you can update where the link location points. For example, my LinkedIn account is linked to Potenza. I can update it if I change my company or Potenza changes its domain name.
  • If it’s missing, contact the right people and get it fixed. This is a time taking process and requires immense patience but on the bright side, every single mention of your domain name, brand name, and the founders’ names will have links to the page of your website.
2) Identify websites that list your competition

Identify at least 10 of your competitors that you see on the SERP for searches that you want to compete for. Then search for them in combinations of 2, 3, or 4 rather than individually. For example, if my competitor were dairy companies, I would search for existing dairy companies Nestle and Dean in combination. Then I would search for Nestle and Saputo and then a combination of different ones in a similar pattern. Then visit the sites that turn up in the SERPs that list these competitors and get in touch with them. Connect with the ones responsible for the listing and get your business listed as well. This takes a lot of effort as well but it’s a great way to expand your link portfolio. Plus it will only benefit your business if you can get listed in websites that list companies and people from the same field.

This brings us to the third tactic where you

3) Identify websites that list organizations in your field with similar geography and attributes

Make a list of websites that list out people or organizations from a particular region with particular attributes. For example, you could own an organization based out of New York that provides organic SEO services and is founded by women.

The aspects to focus on are:
  • Area of operation: List out your operations from macro to micro level. Operations can range from overall digital marketing service to SEO services.
  • Region: List out your region which is in form of country, state, city or even neighborhood.
  • Unique attributes: List out any unique attributes such as a business that participates actively in social services or charity.
Then search Google and make a list of websites and businesses in your region that share these unique attributes. For example, my company gets on a website with a list of companies based out of New York participating in active social service and charity.

All the three tactics mentioned above needs patience and focus. But if you can nail them, your search rankings will jump over your competitors in no time. If you have any more suggestions and recommendations, share them in the comments below.

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