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Why To Update Your WordPress Website – 7 Reasons To Decode

WordPress is software for the bloggers all around the world i.e. constantly being updated and improved to its latest version. Here the question arises why does the website need to be updated? We have listed down seven reasons that will convince you that updating the website is crucial for the wordpress development. In fact, ignoring updates in the wordpress development will put a risk to the website and cause inconvenience while using it. Listed below are seven important reasons why wordpress website should be updated. Image Source :- 1.Higher level performance: In today’s race of competition everyone wants their website to give high speed performance and make it easy to use. If you have your website updated to will be equipped with the higher level performance. It will ensure you smooth and superior quality performance every time you visit your website. I can give few examples of how previous updates enhanced the performance of the website.

Why PHP Framework Is The Top Choice For Website Development

In today’s digitized world adorned with abundant frameworks, platforms and options, developers still count on PHP structure for web development. But why, is the million dollar question.                                                                                Even though there has been little advancement in PHP and in its framework, and the fact that there exits only a small proportion of tweaks executed on it as compared to others, it’s still used by many developers and probably is the most preferred platform. The reason why PHP framework remains hot favourite even years after it’s take off is because of the numerous capabilities shown by PHP framework that helps developers to develop customized websites suitable as per client’s needs. Image Source :- This article hovers around the question as to why PHP still manages to be developers’ first preference. Let us have a look at some of the best features of PHP development framework .  Small Learni

Why iOS Is Better- Biggest Controversies, iOS vs Android Permissions

Today, iOS has a consistent permission system wherein the application clients have the capacity to settle on various choices. In addition, the iOS permission system is much more pragmatic contrasted with the permission system incorporated inside of the Android fueled apps. In this post, I'll be examining key differences in the middle of iOS and Android permissions, in this way assisting you with comprehension why iOS permissions are better contrasted with Android permissions.  Image Source :- Presenting clients to hazards  Not at all like iOS, doesn’t Android offer clients a control over the sort of permissions that the apps could have. That implies, if the client doesn't care for iPhone Game Development application permission, he/she is completely avoided installing the application and its components.  Solace level of typical clients  In case you're a typical client who is interested in playing portable iPhone Game Development  with

Top Tips On T-Shirt Designing

Are you facing difficulty in selling your T-shirts? Have you been able to figure out that why is this so or is there any problem with the material design, etc.? We have come up with some useful tips that will help you become a good t- shirt designer. Concept The most important thing to start designing a t-shirt is that you have to have a concept. A good and a successful t-shirt designer should have a concept while designing a t-shirt. It is very important to use your creative skills in this. For eg. People love freedom; you can express their feelings through a message on the t- shirt. A design without having a message looks empty and dull. It should be catchy. Imagine your t-shirt is a canvas and throw your ideas on it. The best will come out. You can also take inspirations from the social media which gives amazing messages. Style A stylish t-shirt is always in demand. People prefer trendy and stylish clothes. So the t- shirt designer should keep in mind that the product is styli

Enhance Gaming Experience with New iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Apple’s App Store is an attractive storehouse for one and all the game-lovers who are desirous and crazy about mobile game development. One might often be disheartened and discouraged by their tiny screens as compared to the latest mobiles with large screens and wonderful displays, leaving us awestruck!, as also with their unbelievable resolutions which makes gaming all the more delightful and pleasurable. With its firm determination and resolution, Apple has declined to increase the iPhone’s real estate since the year 2010 with the rise of 4 inches from 3.5 inches on the iPhone 4. Finally, with an amazing twist it has something very amusing and alluring ahead for its gamers. With iPhone 6 plus having a flagship-worthy 5.5 inches of Apple’s IPS LCD display, the iPhone 6 on the other hand have a presentable screen size of 4.7 inches. One of the most thrilling news is that the mobile game development is fast progressing with its accurate and precise graphics whereas the small dis

Top Tips For Expediting Game Design Process

When it comes to organizing coherent networks of information documents are not of much importance. A lot many things need to be written in the pre-production phase of a game. However, there are ways in which writing can be limited. In this blog post, I will be discussing about some of the tips which can be used for efficient designing at the outset of the project.   Brief Prototype: A design document contains rough text which is open to interpretation. No words can express the estimated feel of the game. On the other hand, the important mechanics of majority of the game concepts can be coded and tested quickly. Developing a prototype is better than writing a corresponding detailed design description. A prototype helps in describing and providing means for analyzing the quality of game concept. This is the perfect starting point for the preproduction process. A playable sample can give every team member a solid sense of what the game will be. Everyone can give their feedback on

Unifying UX Across iOS and Android - Is It Cross Platform Compatible Design?

The question that has come to our mind with the availability of Phone Gap and Xamarin advancing in the market, providing efficiency to restore both as OS’s iOS & Android with a single code-base, is, whether our aim should be the bonding experiences over both the systems ? As compared to iOS, where the coordination is much severe for providing QA applications in the app store, there is a vast difference in the quality between Android Apps in the mark    et. The difference between iOS application and Android apps is that there is a feeling of warmth while using the former which can be experienced during the mobile application development. Whereas, the Android seems to be a smaller version. Similar, But Different - Post Material Design Because of the release of material design by Google, the consistency of Google’s collection of products has begun to crop up. But, because of the effective differences between Google’s guidelines and Apples’, the credit definitely goes to Googl


In this age of internet, online marketing has proved to be a practical tool, ensuring us to have a winning support for our brands and aiming at increasing sales to gain competitive advantages. SEO and Social media are the two marketing strategies which abide with each other to grab the attention of website visitors, enabling them to increase online visibility, improve brand reputation and enhancing business outputs as well. They can be better called as - ‘two strings of one’s bow’. As social media relies on quality oriented content with strong brand awareness playing a vital role for SEO and the efforts invested on the same, it results in improvising your social media outreach and thereby also benefits us with the top most search rankings. Successful businesses use both, social media and search engine optimization in addition to those working in organization with their SEO as well as with social media. No matter, however, the manner of the social media aiding in improving the Google s

Steps to Ignore the Hurdles that Come in The Way of Using Mobile Apps

“TO ERR IS HUMAN’, to say it in other words’ no man is perfect’ and hence there are very high chances that every human being even though if he/she takes utmost care about anything  or any work, is bound to make mistakes. Thus, if human beings can make mistakes, then why not the mobile apps?  But again, every problem has a solution, so also there are solutions for avoiding the mistakes that occur in the mobile apps development. If proper actions are not taken to avoid the mistakes, then it will result in the destruction of your mobile application. Hence, to stop the mobile apps development from being destructed, let us first understand its importance in a nut shell so that its users become aware and more cautious about its destruction. In today’s fast growing and hectic lifestyle, the use of mobile apps development has increased tremendously. Whether it is the used mobile phone, tablets or other mobile devices, all of them have the required information making it all the more import

Ways To Make Content Marketing Interesting

Content Marketing is the new wave in the marketing industry wherein content is utilized through different mediums, including text, audio, and video to gain more traffic on a website. It has now become a surefire way to increase the number of visits to your website. Increasing number of businesses is adopting this technique to yield results. However, unleashing and utilizing an outstanding content marketing strategy is one of the biggest challenges for the content marketing department. Using content in different channels like audio, and video is a type of content marketing strategy. For example: Your YouTube channel serves as your content marketing tool. Sometimes, the product is so interesting and delivers amazing results. For such products it is easy to create engaging and creative content. However, some products are not so compelling. It is for such businesses that content marketing is the most useful. A content marketer has the challenging task of making a less-than-thrilling p

Top Web Designing Trends of The Year

We have already bid adieu to 2014 ad embraced 2015. It is the right time to take a look ahead on what lies in the coming year as far as web designing is concerned. This year will bring in many new things. In the past year the Grid, an AI-driven website builder, received a lot of popularity and is soon going to be launched. Web designers will now emphasize on shadows and animations. Responsive re-sizing of typography techniques will receive lot of importance. Full screen videos will be much in trend. This year will witness least gap between the code and design. Following are some of the web designing trends that must be considered while designing websites in the current year. Full-screen Responsive videos – To cater to the changing trend of mobile usage It is for sure that during the last few years full-screen background videos and pictures have been used for making websites. Big visuals work well in grabbing attention and enhancing web user engagement. In this year, 2015, web