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Top Web Designing Trends of The Year

We have already bid adieu to 2014 ad embraced 2015. It is the right time to take a look ahead on what lies in the coming year as far as web designing is concerned. This year will bring in many new things. In the past year the Grid, an AI-driven website builder, received a lot of popularity and is soon going to be launched. Web designers will now emphasize on shadows and animations. Responsive re-sizing of typography techniques will receive lot of importance. Full screen videos will be much in trend. This year will witness least gap between the code and design. Following are some of the web designing trends that must be considered while designing websites in the current year. Full-screen Responsive videos – To cater to the changing trend of mobile usage It is for sure that during the last few years full-screen background videos and pictures have been used for making websites. Big visuals work well in grabbing attention and enhancing web user engagement. In this year, 2015, web