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Logo Design Trends: The Top 7 That Help You Get Noticed In 2018

Unquestionably, the customer’s habits of consuming the content are evolving radically. The designers really have a hard time to step in with the changes occurring at the lightning-fast speed as the designs built today may become the tomorrow’s faux pas. It’s embarrassing, but the lone way to enable the business presence to stand out in the digital market is following the short-lived trends.   Similar is the event with logo design, which tells the crucial tidbits of information about the brand,  the level of professionalism and the unique brand story. However, it doesn’t mean to change the brand’s logo as the trends changes, while it’s adding the creative twists and blending styles in the logo design to keep it fresh and soothing to the customers. The logo designed in sync with the trends add appeal to the customers and inch them closer to the brand. One thing to remember, the trends changes, but not randomly and not every trend is a perfect bullet that you should implem

Don’t Hold Fire To Update The App To iOS 11: 10 Reasons Illustrating The Same

Have you hit the iOS 11 install button? Confused about the decision made? If so, don’t regret. You have made the right choice as the Apple OS updates are always better than the predecessors. And, so is with the Apple iOS 11 which is making inroads in the Apple realm with compelling improvements, new features, bug resolution and pretty more. Barely, there is a reason to not bid a goodbye to the iOS 10 and not update the app to iOS 11. However, critics have stipulated the announcement of WWDC regarding iOS 11 as taking up more space on the device, consuming more computing power, and poor battery performance. On the other side, the advocates find it a deal breaker for the jailbreakers due to the phenomenal secure interface it provides. It’s not enough, there is a lot iOS 11 has in the bucket to offer. Take a look at the considerations that insists you upgrade the app to iOS 11: Native augmented reality To give a push to the AR in the iPhone Application Development , App