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Diving into the New Gutenberg WordPress Editor

Few changes and alterations have been made in the current WordPress visual editor over the years, and it has stayed pretty much save for the most part. Whereas, flipping the coin round, WordPress has evolved from just being a blogging-focused platform. A few elements have been added and altered from its inception, many developers still think it is time for a change. Many other platforms, such as Medium or Ghost, provide a unique and refreshing experience to its users, why can’t WordPress? The WordPress development company has been working on the new Gutenberg WordPress editor for more than 6 months now with the goal of making the experience of adding rich content to WordPress much simpler and even more enjoyable. The core team is working hard on the new project aiming to revolutionize the field of content creation. This article features to give you detailed knowledge about the new Gutenberg WordPress editor and  its pros and cons. What is Gutenberg? Gutenber