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AngularJS Vs EmberJS - Analog of Javascript Frameworks

The urge for more efficient apps with more user friendly features has pushed the developers to the next level to bring in incremental developments for creating more technically advanced applications. New advancement is to move forward in gaining minimalist, speed and most importantly performance. Looking onto these three aspects as priorities, the AngularJS has been launched into the industry domain of app development with it exceptional features. Loaded with immense capabilities and excellent tool sets, this framework is being titled as the “Superheroic”.  The release of Angular 2.0 by the end of 2015 has paved way towards a more efficient framework encompassed with improved features.  Our editorial staff along with experienced developers has researched and analyzed this new framework and compared it with EmberJS just to help you find out which can better work for your app development.  Image Credit :- Let us start now Angular JS – A New Inclus

Top PHP Programming Practices Every Developer Must Follow

In earlier days PHP development was limited to its procedures. Its applications had certain elements and these procedures provided a level of re-usability that were called by other applications. oo characteristics can still be introduced by the php development programmer without formulating object oriented language in the codes. If the process is a difficult, then its ability to maintain relation between classes and interfaces makes it less complicated to emerge with codes which are ruled by the oo practice. Let us glance through top 5 PHP coding habits a PHP programmer should follow:  Image Source :- 1.Tackle errors independently: The classes must be able to tackle errors independently. Therefore you should package it in such a format that can be understood easily by the caller. Moreover, you should refrain from returning object in the condition of null and invalidity. This is taken care of by just removing few exceptions and confirming arguments so as