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Correct The Common Online Marketing Mistake You Often Make

Business and marketing are very common terms that we use and also see people use. However, the meaning is vast. Also, there are many business activities that people carry out in order to earn profit and make a comfortable living. Also, marketing is a very common word that has taken shape of a great career option. Marketing might seem a simple task but it has a lot of unexplored areas that people often do not notice or explore. Sometimes, it so happens that marketing activities might take the business down or remain a stagnant growth. So one should rather know about the few common mistakes that they must avoid in order using the marketing activities to grow your business well. Image Source :-   1. Keep data limited- there are only two metrics that matter in marketing and they are cost to acquire a customer and lifetime value of a customer. These are the only two metrics that matter under marketing. Also, what matters is if the value of the customer is