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Features of Basketball Slam Dunk- 3D iPhone Game Development

The NBA league is on and what could be the best time than this to enjoy this challenging game called Basketball? Giving mobile game lovers a new and a realistic way to play football, iOS developers at Potenza Global Solutions developed this creative game, 3D Basketball Slam Dunk Game . This 3D basketball game gives you the real basketball fun with its realistic background and imagery. It is a top basketball mobile game which is going on improvising with new versions being released consistently. Slam Dunk Basketball What is this basketball game about? This slam dunk basketball game allows you to play the game in three modes. You can choose to play from the three modes: Arcade Mode: It allows the players to play till all the balls are spent. Each goal helps the player get a ball. Time Mode: In this mode, there are a specific number of goals to be achieved within a specific time. Distance mode: In this mode of basketball shooting, the score relies on the distance f

How to Make the Best of Your Available Closet Space

Designing a closet has really been necessary as they are the only place where one could keep and intact all things in one. Closet helps us to divide the space evenly and also the closet design tool will make the things more interesting and also exciting. The thing about the design tool helps us to arrange it properly according to our idea and our own space and creativity. Generally when we go anywhere to buy such items it happens that most of us are unable to decide what goes best about the product but with the help of the designing tool it becomes easier for the customer to design things according to the space and divide it accordingly. It is very much obvious that the closets can be easily made for the personal as well as for the Professional uses too therefore one should design it according to the requirement of the hour. Since for professional you need compact spaces and more drawers so it is very much obvious that one would be customizing the lockers or the drawer as per

6 Amazing Facts about Magento Website Development Which You Ever Came Across

Started in 2008, Magento is now one of the best web development platforms online. It has gained the interest of millions in such a short span of time. It is the most used Ecommerce platforms that are available in the market. Each and everything from website’s layout to its storefront can be customized which enable a business to enlarge its boundaries of creativity and innovation so as to create an incredible experience of shopping. But, there are few facts that we don’t yet know but we should know about Magento. This article will talk about all those aspects. 1.      Magento tends to offer two editions to public out of which one is paid and one is free. Magento community is the edition that comes for free while to take the benefit of Magento Enterprise you will have to pay. The base codes for both the editions are same but the enterprise version comes with better support and functionality. There also came an edition known as Magento Go but it isn’t available now. 2.     

Top 5 Step to Increase Organic Site Traffic On Your Business Website

Organic site traffic is one of the guaranteed solutions that aids in flourishing your business to new heights. You might be surprised with the term ‘Organic Traffic. Organic traffic is nothing but the traffic that lands at your website as a result of unpaid search results. You can define it with the term ‘Free advertising’. Today’s digital world is full of so many examples of many business owners who have achieved ample of successful leads with the help of organic site traffic. In this case hiring Organic SEO Services would play a major role. There are heaps of ways to improve and increase your organic site traffic out of which important ones are mentioned below: Follow a genuine approach: Getting success in the online business asks for genuine approach to be followed during the processing and functionalities of the business. You can begin with writing your own website content and advertising material to present an authentic image of your business among the users. It’s

Strategies to Improve Mobile App Downloads

The world of mobile app development is very competitive. There is n number of apps hitting the markets every day and not all of those are successful. Most of these apps ail to hit the chord with the users not just because they are not good enough. Many are not as well publicized, so users don’t come to know about them and their existence fades over time. The main focus is on getting the app discovered on the app stores, may it be Play Store of the iOS app store. Here are five marketing strategies that can be used during mobile application development to boost the download of apps .  App Store Optimization: This is the sibling of Search Engine Optimization. The better the ranking of the app on the result page of the app store, the more views it will have. This helps get more traffic to the app’s page on the app store and when these potential users go through the information and they like whatever the description is given there, they go ahead and download it.  Optimization is d

Is Investment In The Automated Deployments Beneficial

An automated deployment can be called as a simple website or a software deployment which makes the use of a software process which is initiated by a change in the code or by a particular man-made stimulation specifically designed by the developers. For instance, the example of a person who checks the code on which he is working on can be taken up. This can be built on its own and deployed to a work environment which is related to the internal development. It will be of great benefit to the clients, the managers of the projects as well as the other developers. The change can be foreseen in a very quick manner without much wastage of time for the people who will come and go through the whole process. The benefit of automated deployment is that there is no need of continuous deployment. Automated deployment saves the time the team as well as its members because multiple deployments are made to take place on daily basis in any work environment. There are a lot of services as well

Mobile App Or The Mobile Web - Which Is Better In Digital Banking?

In this multichannel world, customers are easily moving between devices in the course of one single transaction. Your customers hope for you to support innovations in mobile banking whether it is a retail transaction or a complex one like insurance claim or loan application.  Image Source :- It can be said that multi-channel is not only a responsive design for catering the needs of both the desktop and mobile but it is also about the various transactions mediums like fax, call centers, etc. For this reason your mobile app development approach should be more than a simple mobile-only approach. Many of us browse online web applications and websites via mobile browsers. These applications are hosted online and are transaction-oriented. This makes them perfect for one-time or occasional use in digital banking setup. On the other side, mobile apps are convenient and easy to use. However, it’s not essentially a clear-cut and easy decision on how to support i

Little Web Design Things Can Make Or Break A Website

In today’s web world, the most important thing is website. Website design is one very important career option. These websites are the main catalysts that help one use the Internet effectively. If these websites were not available, one could not use the Internet effectively. These are innumerable websites available as each company that wants its presence to be online; they have to make websites that the users will visit to obtain information about the company and its products.  Image Source :- So, one needs to design their websites well as they are like the face of their company and they play a very important role in making or breaking the image of the company. Though, one might thing using bold and large fonts and vibrant colors will attract attention, one tends to forget that the little things also matter. Sometimes, the little things can get the company the required attention. If one pays proper attention to the little things then tha

Correct The Common Online Marketing Mistake You Often Make

Business and marketing are very common terms that we use and also see people use. However, the meaning is vast. Also, there are many business activities that people carry out in order to earn profit and make a comfortable living. Also, marketing is a very common word that has taken shape of a great career option. Marketing might seem a simple task but it has a lot of unexplored areas that people often do not notice or explore. Sometimes, it so happens that marketing activities might take the business down or remain a stagnant growth. So one should rather know about the few common mistakes that they must avoid in order using the marketing activities to grow your business well. Image Source :-   1. Keep data limited- there are only two metrics that matter in marketing and they are cost to acquire a customer and lifetime value of a customer. These are the only two metrics that matter under marketing. Also, what matters is if the value of the customer is

AngularJS Vs EmberJS - Analog of Javascript Frameworks

The urge for more efficient apps with more user friendly features has pushed the developers to the next level to bring in incremental developments for creating more technically advanced applications. New advancement is to move forward in gaining minimalist, speed and most importantly performance. Looking onto these three aspects as priorities, the AngularJS has been launched into the industry domain of app development with it exceptional features. Loaded with immense capabilities and excellent tool sets, this framework is being titled as the “Superheroic”.  The release of Angular 2.0 by the end of 2015 has paved way towards a more efficient framework encompassed with improved features.  Our editorial staff along with experienced developers has researched and analyzed this new framework and compared it with EmberJS just to help you find out which can better work for your app development.  Image Credit :- Let us start now Angular JS – A New Inclus

Top PHP Programming Practices Every Developer Must Follow

In earlier days PHP development was limited to its procedures. Its applications had certain elements and these procedures provided a level of re-usability that were called by other applications. oo characteristics can still be introduced by the php development programmer without formulating object oriented language in the codes. If the process is a difficult, then its ability to maintain relation between classes and interfaces makes it less complicated to emerge with codes which are ruled by the oo practice. Let us glance through top 5 PHP coding habits a PHP programmer should follow:  Image Source :- 1.Tackle errors independently: The classes must be able to tackle errors independently. Therefore you should package it in such a format that can be understood easily by the caller. Moreover, you should refrain from returning object in the condition of null and invalidity. This is taken care of by just removing few exceptions and confirming arguments so as

Things To Know About Security Testing For Web Apps

Web apps are used to perform major tasks some included to be very crucial related to transaction of funds, money or sharing of personal information. Therefore, when it comes to apps security testing, the main intention behind this is to look for the loopholes that the system may have and to analyze whether the data and resources are protected from hacking threats. With more and more businesses taking place in the web world with the help of apps, and billions of people using apps for some or the other tasks, security testing plays a pivotal role in all web applications. Because, the hackers are constantly on the verge of inventing the new ways each day for the reason may be financial, recognition or for some fun. Web application development team with less hacking techniques can damage the website if the app is weakly secured. There are numerous reasons that can lead to poor security of apps.  Image Source :- Pressure from the top management who wants th