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Strategies to Improve Mobile App Downloads

The world of mobile app development is very competitive. There is n number of apps hitting the markets every day and not all of those are successful. Most of these apps ail to hit the chord with the users not just because they are not good enough. Many are not as well publicized, so users don’t come to know about them and their existence fades over time. The main focus is on getting the app discovered on the app stores, may it be Play Store of the iOS app store. Here are five marketing strategies that can be used during mobile application development to boost the download of apps .  App Store Optimization: This is the sibling of Search Engine Optimization. The better the ranking of the app on the result page of the app store, the more views it will have. This helps get more traffic to the app’s page on the app store and when these potential users go through the information and they like whatever the description is given there, they go ahead and download it.  Optimization is d