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6 Amazing Facts about Magento Website Development Which You Ever Came Across

Started in 2008, Magento is now one of the best web development platforms online. It has gained the interest of millions in such a short span of time. It is the most used Ecommerce platforms that are available in the market. Each and everything from website’s layout to its storefront can be customized which enable a business to enlarge its boundaries of creativity and innovation so as to create an incredible experience of shopping. But, there are few facts that we don’t yet know but we should know about Magento. This article will talk about all those aspects. 1.      Magento tends to offer two editions to public out of which one is paid and one is free. Magento community is the edition that comes for free while to take the benefit of Magento Enterprise you will have to pay. The base codes for both the editions are same but the enterprise version comes with better support and functionality. There also came an edition known as Magento Go but it isn’t available now. 2.