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Things To Know About Security Testing For Web Apps

Web apps are used to perform major tasks some included to be very crucial related to transaction of funds, money or sharing of personal information. Therefore, when it comes to apps security testing, the main intention behind this is to look for the loopholes that the system may have and to analyze whether the data and resources are protected from hacking threats. With more and more businesses taking place in the web world with the help of apps, and billions of people using apps for some or the other tasks, security testing plays a pivotal role in all web applications. Because, the hackers are constantly on the verge of inventing the new ways each day for the reason may be financial, recognition or for some fun. Web application development team with less hacking techniques can damage the website if the app is weakly secured. There are numerous reasons that can lead to poor security of apps.  Image Source :- Pressure from the top management who wants th