Don’t Hold Fire To Update The App To iOS 11: 10 Reasons Illustrating The Same

Have you hit the iOS 11 install button? Confused about the decision made? If so, don’t regret. You have made the right choice as the Apple OS updates are always better than the predecessors. And, so is with the Apple iOS 11 which is making inroads in the Apple realm with compelling improvements, new features, bug resolution and pretty more.

Barely, there is a reason to not bid a goodbye to the iOS 10 and not update the app to iOS 11. However, critics have stipulated the announcement of WWDC regarding iOS 11 as taking up more space on the device, consuming more computing power, and poor battery performance. On the other side, the advocates find it a deal breaker for the jailbreakers due to the phenomenal secure interface it provides. It’s not enough, there is a lot iOS 11 has in the bucket to offer.

Take a look at the considerations that insists you upgrade the app to iOS 11:

11 Considerations to Update Your App for iOS 11
  • Native augmented reality
To give a push to the AR in the iPhone Application Development, Apple has made a big release of the year 2017 with AR SDK- ARKit release. It has endowed the powerful tool in the hands of the developers to build powerful AR applications for different industry verticals that takes the user experience to a new level.
  • In-app purchase
Bingo! In iPhone Apps, the users are not required to necessarily make an in-app purchase only from the app. The in-app purchase is now available on the product page as a separate section with its name, image, description, and price. The section can be placed anywhere on the page to uplift the in-app transactions. However, the apps need to support the SKPaymentTransactionObserver method to enable the users to make an in-app purchase from the product page.
  • iMessage apps
The refashioned app drawer and support for an emoji has improved the usability and the discoverability of the messaging app to bring positive changes to the user experience with heightened engagement. The live message views have made it possible for the users to interact with the app directly in the transcript.
  • Siri has got smarter
The Siri’s door is opened to more genres of the apps to let the diverse set of the applications make the most out of the voice recognition engine. Besides, Siri’s capability to understand the tone, pitch, the tempo is enhanced alongside the flawless translations from English to different languages becomes possible.
  • Indoor maps
Apple has gone an extra length in helping the users to not only find the location easily with built-in Apple maps, while also allowing the users to view the indoor structures on the map. When moving to the large complexes, malls, or airports, the users can easily reach the place with indoor mapping features.
  • Do not disturb
Great! From now onwards, when you are driving, you don’t need to pick up the call and tell the people that you are driving. With iOS 11 update, the users just need to connect the iPhone to a car’s Bluetooth or Car Play system, which when detects the motion, automatically silence the notifications and calls, and inform the people that you are driving to avoid the distraction.
  • Apple PayCash
The use of iMessage app is no longer limited to the sharing of messages, while it has become a way of sending the money from one person to another. The Apple pay which is highly used as a mode of payment by the iOS users, now allows them to send or receive money in the message chat thread. The credit or debit card stored as a virtual cash card in the Apple PayCash allows the users to pay for the gift cards, send money to the friends or transfer the money right in the bank accounts.
  • Files app
Hunting the captured photos, saved files and downloads in the different apps is a tedious task, and won’t enable the users to keep the documents organized. Here, the file app comes to the rescue. A file app is a unified place wherein the users can store and organize everything and view the files recently opened. Even, the files stored on the device, iCloud drive or other cloud services can be accessed painlessly anywhere.
  • Say goodbye to 32 bits
It’s already warned to the iPhone app developers that 32-bit processor based apps consume more memory, thereby impacts the app’s performance, so they should upgrade the app to the 64-bit architecture, else they Apple will cut down the support to those apps. With iOS 11 update, the apps have to be updated to 64-bits and in turn, the efficient memory usage and high performance, enrich the user experience.
  • Phased releases
Going ahead, the iPhone application development company needs to get prepared as Apple has implemented a policy that the app updates must roll out on all the devices at the same time. Yes, the Apple’s mandate has benefits in ton- it helps in checking that server infrastructure is capable of handling the load or not, the feature testing can be done in the minimum time as the feedback of wider audience will get available quickly, and the updates based on geography can also be released.