Digital Marketing healthier than Television Advertising…

Change the channel, why are you watching TV commercials since 10 minutes?’
‘Oh No! Ads again…’
 Sounds familiar, isn’t it?

It’s a fact that 86% of the TV commercials are skipped by viewers.  The cost of getting TV commercial on prime time is very high. Moreover, the production takes lots of effort and money.

With the advent of smartphones and superfast internet being easily available, Digital marketing took a massive surge. People lately spend more time on their phones or laptops rather than watching television. They get entertained, shop or play games once they are connected to their gadgets. Promoting services and products where people are easy to reach out is most logical thing advertising is supposed to do.

Although TV commercials are not totally ruled out, they have definitely lost the impact to a certain extent. Many advertisers are still reluctant to move to Digital marketing, perhaps sooner they will move to it, looking at the impact it brings to all. Many companies have begun hiring digital marketing service providers for marketing their services or products over the internet.

Let’s have a look why Digital marketing is better than TV commercial advertising:

Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Better Than TV Commercial Advertising (1)
  • Cost advantage
There are many small businesses which cannot afford to go for TV commercials. Also, the ad needs to be run frequent times. With one-fourth of the budget of TV commercials, a digital marketing service company or SEO Services can do wonders in promoting your business.
  • Strong Targeting
If you go for TV commercials, you can never accurately judge the kind of audience you are reaching, whereas, in digital marketing, Organic SEO Services (SEO in the USA) provide means to reach a particular set of audience which can get impacted and will make purchasing decisions.

Facebook these days offer the option of targeting, you can select the – age group likes and dislikes of people while posting a post.
  • Strong connect with Customers
TV commercials can be said to be a one-sided communication, the commercial pop on the TV screen for few seconds and then vanishes from Screen as well as the viewer’s mind. Digital marketing provides a deeper connection. People comment and share their views. An influenced viewer can anytime go and view the information and contact the concerned business.
  • Feedback and tweaking
Digital marketers can easily tweak the message whenever required. Happy customers talk over the internet and thereby influence many other buyers. Social sharing has become just one click away, a happy customer will definitely share and hence would help your product or service reach to greater masses.
  • Efficient Tracking
With TV commercials one cannot measure return on investment. In digital marketing, there are several metrics which can accurately measure the reach, impact and the profit generated by the campaign. TV commercial can in no way determine how it provided a return on investment.

Digital Marketing strategies in brief:
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
The best place to hide anything is the second page of Google Search if your website is displayed somewhere on the 2nd or 3rd page on Google it will definitely be missed out by potential customers. SEO is the process of getting free and organic searches on search engines. SEO helps the site rank better and increase traffic on the website.
  • Search Engine Marketing
SEM involves promotion of website through paid advertisement. The goal of SEO and SEM is same.
  • Pay per click
This digital marketing strategy gets you traffic really fast. It can be termed as a way of buying visits to your website. Search engine advertising is the most common among the PPC strategies. One needs to pay to get their ad sponsored by the sponsored link. Although the cost may be trivial if it drives more traffic to your website and brings customers to you then it is totally worth it. PPC is very challenging as it requires digital marketers to pick on right keywords.

Wrapping it up

Digital marketing is proven to be a great marketing tool and is expected to be improved even more. Digital marketing is definitely far more effective than TV commercials. So what are you waiting for, contact a digital marketing service provider now!